HR Technology

Founded in 1997, the HR Technology (HR Technology Conference & Exposition) has been staged for 22 times so far. The HR Technology is the world's most influential event on HR technology, with a focus on the in-depth integration of HR and technology.

The Rapid Development of the Technology-Driven HR Industry 

The current HR industry in China is going through a crucial phase of transformation and upgrade. China is in urgent need of establishing, by 2020, a specialized human resources service system which is equipped with a sound information technology, and in keeping with industrialization and internationalization. In recent years, the AI technology, cloud computing, big data, video, among other core technologies in the world have experienced exponential growth and development and are extensively applied. The HR industry in China is riding on this technology wave to keep abreast of the global trends and international best practice. . More and more technologies are being researched, developed and applied to the HR industry, and many dynamic companies and people with foresight in the HR industry have forged ahead to reach a vantage point ahead of others and reaped ample benefits.

China HR Technology Conference & Exposition (HR Technology China)

To meet the needs of current reality and future development of China's HR industry, Shanghai DLG Exhibitions & Events (Group) Co., Ltd. has forged an in-depth cooperation with LRP Media Group, the host organisation of HR Tech. The HR Technology China will be held in Shanghai from May 14 to 15, 2019.

The HR Technology China will place its focus on HR technology from a broader perspective, and seek to promote HR technology in China by building an efficient, sustainable and highly humanized service platform, thus facilitating the transformation, development and improvement of HR industry.