Trish McFarlane is H3, chief executive officer of human resource consulting company, is chief executive and co-founder of HRevolutionize company. Served as director of human resources executives and analysts, HCM products, in the big four, public relations, healthcare, manufacturing, and IT has more than 20 years of work experience. She is a famous HR Ringleader blog author.

Trish podcast is the most popular human resource industry, HR Happy Hour joint host. She and host Steve Boese, focus on the important things for HCM and industry leaders.

Trish is HRevolution (http://thehrevolutionary org) joint founder, it is a focus on emerging trends and human resources in the future meeting, to tired of the traditional mode of meeting business professionals to provide alternative networking and learning experience. She also founded the human resources with others blog "Women of HR (, so that to those keen on Women's issues in the workplace practitioners to share their views.