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Shanghai food

Shanghai Shanghai cuisine, is one of the main local specialties of China. Local cuisines is Shanghai's nickname, the han nationality in the south of the Yangtze river is an important genre of traditional diet culture. This so-called help, that is, the local. With thick oil red sauce, recorded moderate, flavour, mellow delicious for its characteristics. Commonly used cooking method is given priority to with braise in soy sauce, simmer, sugar. In order to meet the people in Shanghai like eating after light and refreshing taste, dishes gradually from heavy oil red sauce to quietly elegant and refreshing. Local cuisines on the cooking method is good at with sugar, don't jiangnan flavor.

China's unique "Shanghai" representative dishes - shrimp big black and black carp chin left water, fish, chicken bone paste, songjiang calcium, sweet osmanthus meat duck, fengjing butyl hoof, bad earthen bowl, etc.

Cakes and other delicacies: Shanghai boss room, five fang zhai snacks, pigeon eggs mariko, vegetable bag, big pot of chunsheng Fried steamed bun, crab shells yellow, nanxiang steamed steamed bread, fresh bran, four seasons cake regiment, osmanthus sugar glutinous rice porridge, onion oil, spicy bean, cream, cream, sugar, seditious slippery fry braise in soy sauce.

The so-called Shanghai local cuisines, is the Shanghai local cuisine, specialty is put much soy sauce and sugar, taste delicious, rich full figure making sweet, with genuine materials and slow details to win. Every dish looks full of grease and red spray spray, solid, masterpiece is toothed burclover circles, bad earthen bowl, big shrimp, braise in soy sauce bald lung and braise in soy sauce fish back, etc., and with dexing pavilion, the old is old period Shanghai hotel fire one of the most famous.

Dexing restaurant

The restaurant business Shanghai cuisine, authentic taste, with juice color, heavy oil, is famous for its delicious soup, taste sweet, which opened in 1890. Dexing famous restaurant cooked dishes have shrimp uri reference, chicken bone sauce, chicken meat, sweet chili sauce, etc. With shrimp and most characteristic, are representatives of dexing restaurant dishes, enjoy very high reputation.

Shanghai food court

This street is located in huangpu district center, is located in yanan east road, south road in yunnan province by great world entertainment center, has a history of more than 60 years. Shanghai food court management traditional delicacies, treats and flavor snacks, famous dishes all over the country, and to provide quality services.

Our restaurant

The restaurant is one of the earliest restaurant in Shanghai, was founded in 1744. Is specializing in shaoxing is famous for its old rice wine, the supply of carved, too diao, add rice, Chen jinbo high quality rice wine aroma is rich, mellow wine. Our restaurant dishes set each for a long time, especially in the running water is famous for its big crabs. The restaurant business crab feast to, new, superior win and the crab cooked food flavor is unique, the "lotus, crab", "emerald crayfish", "flow yellow crab bucket" and "YangCheng crab roll" is particularly prominent.